This Video Seems to Show Alternate Death Scenes for Rogue One Characters 

A new video just came online that seems to show several Rogue One characters suffering a fate different than the one they have in the film. These are pretty big spoilers so, just in case… Okay, so Making Star Wars noticed that the below ABC News video about the making of K-2SO features on-set footage […]

There’s Something Weird About This Explanation for Why You Can’t Watch Rogue One’s Deleted Scenes

A shot that never made it into Rogue One. And it’ll never be explained. Image: Lucasfilm The instant news of the Rogue One Blu-ray dropped, we all had the same question: would the disc contain some of the many, many scenes from the trailers that aren’t in the movie? The answer is no, and now […]

The New Life Trailer Is Terrifying, Partially Because It Has Spider-Man 3 Footage In It

Ryan Reynolds + Flamethrower = Life. All Images: Sony For superhero film fans, few titles are more shudder-inducing than Spider-Man 3. Which is probably not the thing the marketing team at Sony was going for when creating a new trailer for killer alien film Life, but it oddly works. Let us explain. So today a […]

Marvel’s Explanation for Jane Foster’s Absence in Thor: Ragnarok Has Taken a Turn

Image: Thor: The Dark World, Marvel/Disney We’ve known for a while that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the astrophysicist who also happened to be Thor’s love interest in the God of Thunder’s first two movies, was not appearing in Thor: Ragnarok. At first, Marvel’s answer was simply that most of the movie wouldn’t take place on […]

‘Song to Song’ is horrible. Take the camera from Terrence Malick before someone gets hurt

Terrence Malick is just embarrassing movie stars with weird sex stuff now Are these poor people being punked?Image: Broadgreen pictures Terrence Malick apparently isn’t making movies anymore, he’s making elaborate excuses to put our hottest movie stars into extremely awkward sex-fetish scenarios that are about as titillating as invasive dentistry. Only two reasons I can […]