Thor Loses More Than Just His Hammer in the First Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok

GIF Thor’s latest villain—Hela, the Goddess of Death—is already proving to be his biggest rival yet in our first look at the next Thor movie. Mjolnir is gone, Asgard is sundered, and most shockingly of all: the God of Thunder’s been given a haircut. Okay, so we knew about the haircut already—it’s part of Thor’s […]

Even Brian Michael Bendis is Confused By Peter’s Best Friend in Spider-Man: Homecoming

GIF Image: Disney/Marvel Studios. Peter Parker’s best bud in Homecoming might have the name of a familiar comics character—Ned Leeds—but his role in the film and his appearance are far more in line with another Spider-Man character: Ultimate Spider-Man’s Ganke. Fans are confused as to why Miles Morales’ best friend is now Peter’s… and turns […]

Here is What Quran 5:51 Actually Says

This has been a banner week for comics, my friends. A banner week. If you haven’t been following the Ardian Syaf scandal, don’t bother; it’s not worth the brain cells. If you’re already elbows deep, however, you will have come across his easter egg reference “QS 5:51″ in X Men Gold #1, with ‘QS’ apparently being an Indonesian […]

Marvel to Discipline X-Men Gold Artist for Controversial References to Indonesian Politics

Image: Marvel Comics. X-Men Gold #1 art by Ardian Syaf, Jay Leisten, and Frank Martin. Marvel has announced that it will remove some artwork from X-Men Gold #1, as well as take unspecified disciplinary action against artist Ardian Syaf, after it was discovered that he included coded references to an ongoing religious and political conflict […]

Marvel Comics VP issues, retracts statement blaming sales slump on diverse books – Polygon

This past Friday, genre culture outlet ICv2 published an interview with David Gabriel, in which the vice president of sales of Marvel Comics blamed an October-November sales slump on “changing tastes.” In his opinion, those changing tastes came from readers who were tired of “more diversity” and “female characters.” “any character that was diverse, any […]

Mjolnir’s Weird ‘New’ Comic Book Power in Thor Isn’t Actually New at All

Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson’s art in this book is so goddamn great. In this week’s issue of The Mighty Thor, Thor’s trusty hammer gets to do something totally strange, and unlike anything we’ve seen it do in a long time. But while people are freaking out about this strange “new power,” it’s not really […]