Valley of the dolts | The Outline

In February 2012, after Facebook announced what was in time to become the largest IPO in the history of internet firms, The Economist put a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s profile page on its cover. Next to an insipid, beaming profile picture of the young CEO, there was a status update: “VENI VIDI VICI!!! Am I […]

Uber Embraces Major Reforms as Travis Kalanick, the C.E.O., Steps Away – The New York Times

close story-meta Photo Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive, has been under pressure for his aggressive management style. Credit Wang Zhao/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images SAN FRANCISCO — In Uber’s continuing attempt to repair its reputation over a series of scandals stemming from its bad-boy culture, its co-founder Travis Kalanick said he would take a leave […]

How a Startup that Makes $400 Juicers Played Itself in the Absolute Worst Way Possible – Munchies

The first question in the FAQ section of Juicero’s website is “How do I make juice?” The answer is a five-step process, starting with “Take a pack from the Juicero carton in your refrigerator.” The next three steps involve properly situating the pack in your $400 Juicero machine, hanging it on a small internal hook, […]

Uber, Pennsylvania Settle Over Illegal Activity, Fine Appeal |

react-text: 212 Uber Technologies has reached a settlement with Pennsylvania’s taxi regulator to end the ride-sharing company’s appeal of a record $11.4 million fine for operating illegally. /react-text react-text: 214 A notice posted on Tuesday with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania said Uber and the state’s Public Utility Commission had reported an agreement in principle […]

HR Comes Last at Startups, and Women Pay the Price – Motherboard

At the startup where software developer Jen used to work, the presence of human resources was, to use her words, “a joke.” (“Jen,” it should be noted, is a pseudonym.) “One of my coworkers would say, ‘If you have an HR issue, go to [the lead developer] and sit on his lap,’” she told Motherboard. […]