Jeb Bush Defends Redskins Name | TIME

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said this week that he doesn’t think the Washington Redskins should change their name, adding he doesn’t believe the pro football team’s name is offensive to Native Americans. “I don’t think they should change it,” he said in an interview with ABC’s Rick Klein and ESPN’s Andy Katz. “But again, […]

What The Butler Collegian Controversy Says About the Struggle for Student Press Freedom in America – The Atlantic

Until recently, Loni McKown was the envy of the college media-advising world. As the student-newspaper adviser at Butler University in Indianapolis, her evaluations were sterling. Grads were landing impressive reporting jobs. Beginning in 2011—for the first time in the student newspaper’s history—national awards started adorning the walls of the newsroom. But on September 4, McKown, […]

Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s – The Atlantic

There’s a meme aimed at Millennial catharsis called “Old Economy Steve.” It’s a series of pictures of a late-70s teenager, who presumably is now a middle-aged man, that mocks some of the messages Millennials say they hear from older generations—and shows why they’re deeply janky. Old Economy Steve graduates and gets a job right away. […]