Nation With Crumbling Bridges and Roads Excited to Build Giant Wall – The New Yorker

Credit Photograph by Matt York/AP Barrier Status: ‘none’ WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—As America’s bridges, roads, and other infrastructure dangerously deteriorate from decades of neglect, there is a mounting sense of urgency that it is time to build a giant wall. Across the U.S., whose rail system is a rickety antique plagued by deadly accidents, Americans […]

Minimum-Wage Work Alone Won’t Get You Through College – Admissions & Student Aid – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Politicians and pundits love to talk about the character-building experience of working your way through college. But how realistic is that ideal? As one way of answering that question, here’s a thought experiment: Let’s say you’re planning to attend your state’s best-known public university (at the in-state rate, naturally) and you’re hoping a minimum-wage job […]

Building a j-school from scratch: How The New School aims to bring journalism and design together » Nieman Journalism Lab

It’s that time of year: Journalism students are returning to campus, charting their courses for the next semester, and professors are fine-tuning their syllabi. Turmoil in the news business means that many professors are also reckoning with how to adapt their teaching approaches in an era of data visualization, apps, and distributed content. One department […]

Fox: Why Isn’t #BlackLivesMatter Classified as a Hate Group? | Mediaite

Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked a guest Monday morning why the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement has not yet been classified as a hate group. Fox invited conservative African-American commentator Kevin Jackson on the show to discuss the group of #BlackLivesMatter protesters who disrupted the Minnesota state fair while chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry them like […]