The New Senate USA FREEDOM Act: A First Step Towards Reforming Mass Surveillance | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Earlier today, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced a revised version of his USA FREEDOM legislation, the USA FREEDOM Act of 2014, which focuses on telephone record collection and FISA Court reform. While this bill is not a comprehensive solution to overbroad and unconstitutional surveillance, it is a strong first step. EFF urges Congress to support passage […]

More Observers Question the Wisdom of Leaving Campus Sex Assault Adjudications to Administrators – FIRE

Sexual assaults on university campuses have become a hot topic in Washington, state legislatures, and in the news. With consistent reports (like this one from The New York Times) of institutions botching their responses to these cases, FIRE has long argued that campuses are ill-equipped to adjudicate these cases and that the guilt or innocence […]