The Fantasy of a Female Hugh Hefner

In the wake of Hugh Hefner’s death, I’m not interested in arguing about whether the Playboy founder was a sexual pioneer or a feminist. You know what’s not novel and transgressive? Rich white men in mansions enjoying access to women’s bodies and presenting their lifestyle as the height of culture. But I’d be lying if […]

The New Flatliners Movie Should Have Stayed Dead

Image: Sony Flatliners is a remarkable film. Specifically, it’s remarkable in that it takes an intriguing and ripe concept and does almost nothing with it. Instead, it fulfills the promise of its title by offering up a boring, lifeless story, fills it with dull, unsympathetic characters, and then keeps the thrills to an absolute minimum. […]

Elite: Dangerous Players Split On Whether They Should Kill Aliens

Image credit: Frontier. Last week, Elite: Dangerous’ mysterious aliens finally went on the offensive after months of poking and probing. Now, players have figured out how to fight back, but not everybody’s feeling super rah-rah-rah gung-ho about it. Over the weekend, notorious Elite player Joshua “Harry Potter” Chamberlain and his Smiling Dog Crew managed to […]

River Song in Hades |

Kidnapped. Searched for, endlessly, tirelessly, by a mother who wants to love and protect her from what she is, and what others would use her for. A change of name. A change of identity, from child to threat. Shaped by forces vaster than anyone’s understanding, into something new and different and wonderful and terrible. Married […]